Operator Schools

Water and Wastewater Fundamentals School

The Water and Wastewater Fundamentals School is a basic, comprehensive overview for water and wastewater operators. The goal of the Fundamentals School is to provide education for operators, so they possess a better understanding of the water and wastewater fields. The courses are designed to furnish operators with basic concepts of how treatment processes work and the requirements of government regulations. It is designed to benefit those seeking Class "C," "D," "T," and "S" certifications.

Water and Wastewater Intermediate and Advanced School

The Water and Wastewater Intermediate and Advanced School offers courses designed to provide established and experienced operators with a better understanding of treatment processes and information on performing their duties in an ever-changing environment. The courses offered at this school include Intermediate Water, Advanced Water, Intermediate/Advanced Wastewater, Activated Sludge, and Industrial Wastewater. A and B operators are encouraged to participate in the Intermediate and Advanced School.

Leadville Operator School

A full curriculum for Water and Wastewater Plant Operators, as well as Collection and Distribution System Operators, is offered at the Leadville Operator School. This school has been designed to upgrade operational skills, obtain the required Training Units for certification renewal or obtain additional education and aid in helping those studying for certification exams.