Membership Category

WEF offers multiple types of membership categories to fit individual member needs. Becoming a WEF member doesn’t automatically make you a local member. To join the local Member Association (RMWEA), you must pay the sections $35 registration fee (unless you are a student member). To find out more about the different categories of membership please select the link below.   

Member Category

Professional  WEF + RMWEA  $168
Executive WEF + RMWEA  $330
Operators WEF + RMWEA  $106
Young Professionals WEF + RMWEA  $82
Academic WEF + RMWEA  $168
Student WEF + RMWEA $20
Rocky Mountain Member Association   RMWEA Only $35
Click here for the WEF Membership Brochure to learn more about each member category
Click here to join as a WEF and RMWEA Member on the WEF website
Click here to become a local only RMWEA Member

Contact Us

Please contact Jamie Langer ( with any questions regarding membership and registration.