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WEF Operations Challenge Executive Committee
Chair, Jeff Sober –   2023 MA Operations Challenge Events
Vice Chair, Kim Furry -    2023 Competition Event Schedule *NEW*
Past Chair, Brenna Durkin –

    2022 WEFTEC Operations Challenge Awards Ceremony Video

WEF Staff -
    Need help with your local event?
No habla inglés, comuníquese con Héctor Montañez-Rivera para obtener ayuda.   Operations Challenge Expectations*Updated 3/23

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NEW Drawings and Symbols to Review forWEFTEC

2023 Event Description

2023 WEFTEC Math Review Questions 9/14/23

Virtual Math Review Session beginning August 28
Aug 28 Math Review Recording
Sept 4 Math Review Recording  More Problems Solved
September 11 Math Review Recording   Excel File  PP
September 18 Math Review Recording  Excel File  PP

2021 Process Control Event



2023 Event Description
TSS Preparation Sheet
TSS Calculation Sheet
Judges Score Sheets Added

Laboratory Event Tutorial
Tutorials should be used as an overall suggestion not 100% accurate

2021 WEFTEC Event


9/14/232023 Event Description
Judges Score Sheets Typo Updated

Safety Event Tutorial
Tutorials should be used as an overall suggestion not 100% accurate

2022 WEFTEC Event



2023 Event Description 
Judges Score Sheets Updated

Maintenance Event Tutorial
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9/21/232023 Event Description
Judges Score Sheets Added

Collections Event Tutorial
Tutorials should be used as an overall suggestion not 100% accurate

2021 WEFTEC Event


Not competing this year? Why not volunteer. We are looking for judges for all the events. Please reach out to to let us know what event you are interested in judging and we will send you the sign up link. We are also happy to provide letters of support to your employer to help with any approvals, just send us a note and let us know.



This year we will continue to honor the legacy of our friend Bobby Williams with the Competitive Spirit Award. It has joined our popular team spirit awards and will be announced Tuesday evening before the results of the competition. The award will be presented to an individual who exemplifies Operations Challenge’s essential attributes of stewardship, discipline, and philanthropy. We are soliciting nominations, and they can be made by individuals or on behalf of teams. Any member of the Operations Challenge community is eligible – teammates, rivals, coaches, volunteers.
Someone has inspired you during your Operations Challenge experience – tell us who, and tell us why. Just a few sentences that explain the nominee’s role and their influence on your perspective or career. Nominations can be made prior to WEFTEC by sending a note to, and we will also have ballots available on site in New Orleans.  


Would you like to get involved with the Operations Challenge Committee, we would love to have anyone involved.  To apply for membership to the committee, submit an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • WEF Member ID number
  • Committee of Interest (s)
  • A brief (1 to 2 sentences) explaining why you want to join the committee(s) and any areas you would like to help out with.

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