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This website is provided for Operations Challenge teams to get information directly from the WEFTEC Operations Challenge event coordinators. To navigate within the OCRC use just the links in the main, white background area. Using the links on the top of the pages will take you into the RMWEA website.

Chair, Brenna Durkin – bdurkin@Englewoodco.gov

Vice Chair, Jeff Sober – jlsober@garverusa.com

Would you like to get involved with the Operations Challenge Committee, we would love to have anyone involved.  To apply for membership to the committee, submit an email to committees@wef.org with the following information:
  • Name
  • WEF Member ID number
  • Committee of Interest (s)
  • A brief (1 to 2 sentences) explaining why you want to join the committee(s) and any areas you would like to help out with.

2021 MA Operations Challenge Events

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Operations Challenge Expectations

2021 EventLast Change 
Laboratory2021 Lab Procedure and Judge Sheets2/17/21
Safety2021 Safety Procedures2/22/21
Maintenance2021 Maintenance Procedures  3/9/21
Collections2021 Collections Event Description3/22/21
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How your Utility will benefit from Operations Challenge
2019 Link to Dropbox Competition Pictures