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Safety Event 2020


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Event Coordinator:

Marlo R Davis

East Canyon Treatment Superintendent
Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District

1/8/20   2020 Safety Event Description

Change: Team members that enter the manhole with have to stay attached to which ever SRL that they are attached to when they enter while they are in the manhole. There will be no detaching from the SRLs until you have exited the manhole.

Gas Detector  Manikins Tripod Harness
 10/2/19  Drager Multi- Gas Detector with Confined Space Entry kit.  Special Pricing 11/5/19  CPR Full Body Manikin (Amazon Link)

11/5/2019  Rescue Randy Manikin
(Amazon Link)

10/15/19 3M Tripod Flyer

   Tripod Setup

If you are wanting to purchase all new equipment for the Tripod set up you will need to purchase

Item # 8301066  Tripod Kit

Item # 3504430  Hanging SRL

Item # 2000113  Steel Carabiner

If you have some of the item to complete the kit you may piece together from the items on the flyer to complete the set-up of the tripod with the Hanging SRL, Ultra-Lok/ 3-way SRL and the Winch.

You may also purchase Lifelines and Harnesses from 3M or from the other venders listed.

Harness Info - Exofit 3 D-Ring, USABB part number for the small is 65113, medium, 65114, large is 65115

6/13/16   Lifelines – The lifelines will be 50’ vertical lifelines from Grainger (see link).  They come with a locking snap hook on one end.  The belay device has been eliminated.


Ask A Question

 Question  Answer Date
Do you have an ETA on the new safety event description and equipment that would be needed to purchase for the event? I see where you have the gas detector listed any other items we might need to budget for?I hope to have the new event details out in the next couple of weeks. In the mean time I have post on the Team Resource Site the Flyers for the Gas Meter and the new Tripod that we will be using.10/15/19
Will there be a item # or make/model for the electrical disconnect?I don’t have the part number yet, it is the same disconnect that was used on the event before. As soon as I can track down the part number I will post it. It looks like this
I am trying to buy the products needed for our team for the safety event. There are two manikins listed one is a CPR type and the other is not. I just wanted to be sure that this is correct and either one is okay before I buy.We will be rescuing 2 manikins this year, the Rescue Randy that has been used in the past, and the full size CPR Manikin. You will need both for the event.
What are the dimensions of the areas on the platform? Recovery area, equipment area, ETCThe Finish Area will remain the same as the old Start/Finish Area. The Recovery Areas will be 34” out and then split in half to be equal. The Equipment Area will also be 34” out.  1/6/20
Will the gas meter actually be used during the event or will it be simulated?Yes we will be actually using the gas meter.1/14/20
What is the size of the floor opening? Will the chain be attached to the tripod or will it be separate? If it is separate can it be attached during the walk through?The opening in the platform is 36” diameter.  The Chain will start attached to the tripod.1/21/20
On #7 step you stated that "the chains must be pulled tight to assure the tripod is open properly". When we do this, the chain stays over the manhole getting on the way to set up the ladder and the blower vent. Can we loose the chain just enough to clear to manhole entry way?Yes you can loosen chains just enough to clear the manhole opening, anything more will be considered a penalty.1/22/20
When the ladder is placed in the manhole by the judges, can the team position it before the start of the run or is it going to be a standard position for every team? It will be standard for every team to at the start.1/22/20
Do you have overall measurements for the safety platform?
16’ X 16’1/22/20
Will the Tri-pod be starting and finishing in the bag?No, we will not be using the bag.1/22/20
Does the Safety Supervisor need to be the first one to lock out the electrical disconnect or can any team member throw the breaker into the off position, apply the gang hasp and lock out first?No, the Safety Supervisor does not have to be the first to lock-out.  1/27/20
Do all 4 members have to Lock Out Tag Out at the electrical disconnect?Yes all 4 members have to lock-out.1/30/20
How long in the sample hose and where are the marks.

Hose length is 75 inches long, tape marks will be 14 inches from pump and 29 inches from pump, and hose must be hooked onto the pump as such and may not be tangled or knotted when inserted into the manhole.

Can the ladder be repositioned after the event starts?Yes the teams can reposition the ladder after the event starts.2/6/20    
Can the winch and SRL’s be attached/removed from the tripod while it   is over the opening?Yes2/6/20
Can the tripod be moved before the cover goes over the opening?Yes, but keep in mind #17 that the cover must be placed as soon as the last team member has exited the manhole.2/6/20
Can the entrants unhook from their SRL/retrieval line before the cover is in place?Yes2/6/20
Can the harnesses be handed down to the entrants?No2/6/20
How many gang hasps will be utilized for the lockout/tagout of the electrical disconnect?There will 2 gang hasps available for use of the Lockout/Tagout electrical disconnect.2/10/20    
Where will the latex gloves be at the start of the event for the person doing cpr on them behind equipment line or can they have them on Under their leather/mechanics gloves?Team Member will have latex gloves with them at the start, they may have them on under there mechanics gloves, remember a ripped glove is like having no glove on.2/11/20
Do both gang hasps get used during the event or can you only use one?You have 2 gang hasps available how you use them is up to you, you do not have to use both.2/11/20
"When the second dummy is at the top of the opening, before it is moved away from the opening, can the remaining entrant come out of the manhole?"
Yes, but keep in mind of item #17.2/12/20
Has the location of the dummies under the platform been decided yet and if so will this information be released to us prior to the event?Location of the Dummies will not be released before the event.2/12/20
Can one person remove the tripod from the hole to set the cover on or do two people have to move the tripod from the hole?
It is not specified how many people have to move the tripod, it is up to the teams to make sure they move it safely.2/18/20
After the first dummy and the first entrant are out , do the two people(not counting the person doing cpr) on top have to be attending the hole while the second dummy is being winched up, or can the person doing the winching and the person underneath sufficient while the dummy is being winched up?Only one person is considered the attendant and that attendant is the same from start to end.
Do we have to attend (hold the ladder)while an entrant is coming in/out of the hole?No, but if the ladder moves and the entrant doesn’t maintain 3 points of contact a penalty could be assessed.2/18/20
Where does the tripod chain start and end? Also if the chain is not already attached to the tripod during set up are we allowed to put the chain on the tripod during set up?The chain will start on the Tripod.2/18/20
Will we be able to choose the size harness for the rescue dummies? If not, what size harness will be provided for them?We will be using a size Small for both dummies.2/18/20
Do you have a model and Manufacturer of Both Dummies. I am not able to buy from Amazon due to my Purchasing systemYou can get the model and manufacturer from the Amazon link.2/18/20
Prior to the start of the event the judges will be removing the manhole cover and setting the ladder. During the run, the Tripod is erected and positioned over the hole. The chain of the Tripod ends up in front of the ladder rungs on the same side that the entrants enter the hole. Is that acceptable?
No, the chain needs to go behind the ladder so that you do not create a tripping hazard while entering or exiting the manhole.2/24/20
In an earlier question it says gas meter will be used? In step #5 see below reads..

5) One team member, “qualified entrant”, will simulate turning on the gas detector and will then test the manhole atmosphere for 30 seconds using a gas detector and provided stopwatch.

So will the gas meter only be turned on during the 4 min pre-check then turned back off and left off during the actual event? Also will there be a carabiner attached to meter like in the past to use to hook it to a harness?
The power for the gas meter should be left on after the 4-minute check, this is why we will simulate turning power on in the event. Corrections to event rules will be in coming.3/2/20
Can the winch person be the attendant the entire time of the entry?There is only 1 attendant listed on the permit and that person should be the attendant the whole time. The attendant can be the person doing the winch.
Does the cpr dummy have to be the first thing out of the hole after both entrants are in or can an entrant be out first before the cpr dummy is winched up? The CPR Dummy will need to be the first thing out of the hole after entry.3/9/20
When the first entrant comes out (which he will be connected to the rope and srl) can he remove the srl from the tripod when he is out but while the second entrant is still down in the hole?
Disassembly of the entry equipment may not happen while there is still entrants in the hole.3/9/20
Do you all have a demonstration video of the safety event?We are working on it and hope to have it posted soon.3/9/20