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Safety Event 2018


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Event Coordinator:
Steve Johnson,
Superintendent of Desert Facility Operations
Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts 
   2018 Safety Event Description, Version 2 5/9/18
Here is the information on the 4” RW Gate valve, flanged end with OS&Y operator. The cost for this 4” valve is $296.00 each plus freight which will be added to the invoice. When ordering, please use P/N#4OSYWEFTEC so they will get the $296 price and the correct valve sent to them. To order these valves, send a Purchase Order to:
Municipal Valve & Equipment
4547 Westgrove Dr.
Addison, TX. 75001
or you can email the order to:
Kim Palecek – kim@municipalvalve.com
INNOVA has worked on a special price for the XTIRPA kit that have been accepted by the WEFTEC organization. In order to get this special price, all request will have to be sent with promo code indicated in flyer attach to this e-mail.  You will also be requested by your supplier, to provide company information (name of team, address, e-mail, phone, contact person…)  in order to make sure that all teams can benefit from this special price.  Xtirpa Photo Promo code = WEF8011

Crispin Valve will be supplying the check vales for the Safety Event.

Here is the information from Crispin:

Please have the teams contact our customer service department directly. They need to identify that they are purchasing for the event and are requesting the "Ops Challenge Check Valve Kit". This kit will not be available outside of the factory or through a third party. Delivery will be stock to a few days.

$300 ea. FOB:PA for the Ops Challenge Check Valve Kit.

It includes:

1 pc. RF41, 4" Rubber Flapper Check Valve with primer exterior only
RF41 Drawing

2 pcs. 4" Replacement Flap

2 pcs. 4" Replacement Gasket


6/13/16   Lifelines – The lifelines will be 50’ vertical lifelines from Grainger (see link).  They come with a locking snap hook on one end.  The belay device has been eliminated.


 Question   Answer  Date
What is the size and weight of the dummy that is used?
Rescue Randy weighs in at 105 lbs.
Last year at nationals the judges made us tighten the 2 legs on the stabilizer (tri pod) until the judge could not lift up the stabilizer more than an inch or less. There is nothing in the rules about feet on stabilizer but we were penalized if we didn't do it?
The stabilizer feet must be lowered to a point that the stabilizer unit cannot be raised off the floor (without causing the barricade feet to come off the floor). 
1. The harnesses are not spelled out, can we assume they are the same as last year.
2. The blower assembly is not spelled out, same as last year?
1 – Yes
2 – Yes
1. The rules state that ladder rungs may not be skipped. What is considered the final rung that must be used when exiting the manhole; is it the rung above the level of the platform or just below the level of the platform on the ladder?

2.The rules state that there are three points of contact required. Where must the entrant place their hands while using the ladder, on the rungs or on the side rail?
#1 – The last rung below the platform.

#2 – Hands and feet are to use the rungs.
When we are done with the stabilizer, do the feet need to be returned to the original position or leave as is when placing the unit behind the equipment line?
Step 18 of the event description answers this question. 3/28/18
On page 3 number 15 of the rules and procedures it states (The tool bag, rope and link can remain together at the end of the event.) I just want to clarify, The carabiner can remain hooked onto the bag and the rope can stay tied to the carabiner at the end of the run?
Yes 4/2/18
After the tool bag is dropped downstairs can we unhook the caribiner from the tool bag and carry the bag to the valves? Step 15 9/13/18
Before the qualified entrant removes the manhole cover does everything with the davit arm need to be completed? Referring to the lowering of the Xtirpa foot supports. Step 7 9/13/18
Do the wheels on the stabilizer feet need to be put all the way back up to the top or will be there be 2 lines that they just need to be in between when finished? Step 18 9/13/18
Are you allowed to lift the ladder while entrants are in the hole to be able to readjust around the ropes? Or must the ladder stay stationary on the ground while entrants are in the hole working? The ladder can be moved / adjusted during the event.  It cannot be removed. 9/13/18
Are we not allowed to wear baseball gloves even if the palm is leather?