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Tim Scott
Virginia Beach, VA

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 Safety Event Tutorial
Tutorials should be used as an overall suggestion not 100% accurate

Equipment Needs

Fall Protection/Tri-pod

3M Fall Protection 

3M Local Reps Contact Information  

Teams can either go directly through their local vendor (see above) or you can contact Adam Yaeger, 651-615-2763, AYaeger@mmm.com or insidesalesfp@mmm.com.  When ordering, use the discount code, WEFTEC.

Sample Quote from Fastenal

Tri-Pod set Up

Virtual Reality (VR)To incorporate the latest technology in safety training, WEF is partnering with Dräger and FreeRangeXR to use Virtual Reality (VR) as part of the competition. To participate in the 2022 VR confined space competitions, you will need to do the following:
  1. Purchase an Oculus quest any model.
  2. When your Oculus headset arrives, and you set it up, decide who your main point of contact/user will be.
  3. Send the Oculus account email address (which you just created per the instructions in the Oculus box) to XRsales@frexr.com. Dräger/FreeRangeXR will then offer a 30 day trial demo software license (Confined Space) to the team members allowing you to practice using the technology and safely improving skill levels. 
  4. Process for obtaining the licenses: Team members send their Oculus Account email associated with their Quest 2 to XRsales@frexr.com. FreeRangeXR will then add the team member to our release channel.
    • Team members will receive an invitation to join, which you will need to accept with their Oculus Account. 
    • Then, the App will appear in the team members Oculus Store under the review Apps Section. 
    • Team members may then install it (which is downloading it from the Oculus store).
    • Finally, the team member will need to enter the activation key sent to them by FreeRangeXR to launch the app. 
    • Once loaded, the App should continue to appear at the top of the menu under Recently viewed apps.
  5. If the team would like to purchase a longer-term limited license until the end of the year of the VR CSE program, you can do so for $500 (one license per headset). This is only offered to WEFTEC Ops Challenge teams.  Please contact XRsales@frexr.com to process this request.
Gas DetectorDrager Multi- Gas Detector with Confined Space Entry kit.
Manikins Rescue Randy Manikin (Amazon Link)

Harness Info - Exofit 3 D-Ring, USABB part number for the small is 65113, medium, 65114, large is 65115

6/13/16   Lifelines – The lifelines will be 50’ vertical lifelines from Grainger (see link).  They come with a locking snap hook on one end.  The belay device has been eliminated. 


ValveCrispin valve. Order directly with the factory. Ask for Customer Service and please reference "Weftec Ops Challenge" to ensure you receive the correct discounted pricing.
Complete Valve:
4 Rubber Flapper Check Valve, Crispin Model No. RF41, 4" Class 150# Flanged Ends, Ductile Iron Body, Steel & Hi-Strength Fabric Reinforced Buna-N Rubber Flapper, Steel Bolts & Nuts,  Externally Coated with Shop Primer, 250 PSI Maximum Working Pressure:
$425 net each, plus freight

Spare Gasket:
$20 net each, plus freight

Spare Flap:
4" Rubber Flapper Disc, Buna-N, Steel, Nylon Reinforced.
$55 net each, plus freight

Ask A Question

Questions accepted up until 9/25/2023. Questions can be asked at the pre-competition meeting on Monday, October 2, in Chicago.

Will the Oculus be incorporated into the Safety Event in 2023? If so, when can we anticipate the rules to be updated?Yes, the oculus will be implemented as part of the Safety event. The VR portion wil be completed and scored on Monday at WEFTEC separately from the physical portion of the event. The scoring is still being worked on but the final result will be some combination of the two scores. There will be no major changes to the physical portion of the event. 12/14/22

On the dummy handling: With the event simulation being a rescue, does the dummy need to be treated with the same care as a live human? I.E. Positions that may cause further injury to the victim.

if any team member besides the Electrician removes their LOTO, they can’t touch the chain hoist/gantry (if attached to the lifting bale) , station or pump.3/3/23
Will the Oculus headset at WEFTEC be 64 GB or 128GB? Looking to purchase one this year and it is difficult to find a 64 GB unit and the cost is significantly higher than currently shown on the Ops Challenge page. Looking for additional clarity before purchasing, thanks.

The answer is that any model will work but the 64GB unit has now been discontinued and we will update the write up. We will be using the 128GB Quest 2 at WEFTEC. 

Can a team member start out as an attendant then change roles to be an entrant? Any time roles are switched they will identify their roles verbally and an attendant is always identified?No3/22/23
Will there be a there event tutorial for the VR Portion of the lab?

Also, the physical event tutorial is unavailable on YouTube, will a new one be posted?

The VR has a tutorial or trial version if you download the software to an Oculus.   The Lab does not have a VR portion.

The link for the tutorial has been fixed.

#17. Each entrant must lo/to the gate valves prior to performing any work on the c/v. Does this mean that entrants must be lock and tagged out before any bolts can be removed?

Each entrant must be locked out before they start their work.  The first team member can begin working once they are locked and tagged out. The second team member can only begin work once they have locked and tagged out.

On the operations challenge information sent out for the regional competition there is mention of rescuing two downed coworkers and performing CPR on the first while rescuing the second. This isn’t mentioned in the rules for the event at all, is this a new addition to the Safety event, or will it just be the one rescue manikin as stated in the rules?The rules listed here on the resource page are the most current. 3/22/23
Can one participant have multiple roles? (Qualified Attendant/Safety Supervisor) (Safety Supervisor/Qualified Entrant)No3/27/23
Is there a equipment location layout before setup?