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Safety Event 2021


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Event Coordinator:

Steve Johnson


2/22/21   2021 Safety Event Description

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Gas Detector Manikins Harness
 10/2/19  Drager Multi- Gas Detector with Confined Space Entry kit.  Special Pricing11/5/2019  Rescue Randy Manikin (Amazon Link)

Harness Info - Exofit 3 D-Ring, USABB part number for the small is 65113, medium, 65114, large is 65115

6/13/16   Lifelines – The lifelines will be 50’ vertical lifelines from Grainger (see link).  They come with a locking snap hook on one end.  The belay device has been eliminated.


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 Question  Answer Date
Do we have any specs for the XTIRPA barricade and davit arm unit used for the Safety Event?These units were purchased through INNOVA
Large Manhole Guard with Integrated Mast  (IN-2324)
Davit Arm  (IN-2210)
Stabilizer  (IN-2108-18)
I do believe they are available through additional vendors now.