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Event Coordinator -
Paul Dombrowski
Woodward & Curran, Inc.
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If you are the Process Control Event Coordinator for a state, regional or MA please send an email contact to Paul.  With the significant changes in the national event I would like to be able to directly contact coordinators as we develop details of the event. 

This is a link to a recording of a recent webinar created by Hydromantis:  https://youtu.be/vb1fiJKFzrg   It is a demonstration of the process simulator that will be used at the WEFTEC competition this year.  Obviously these are practice scenarios and the WEFTEC scenarios will be different.  However the program interface will be the same.  You can download a practice simulator by contacting Hydromantis.
Many of the regional and state competitions may be using this simulator software as well.  As you work with the simulator, please provide feedback to us.  We want to weed out any potential problems so that this event will allow teams to earn points for their skills at plant control and not lose ground due to software interface peculiarities.

2018 Process Control Event Description Update 4/8/6/18

2018 MA Competition Version for Practice  9/10/18

If you have a active OpTool license already installed on your computer, you do not need a new keycode.  You can simply install the software and skip the license activation part of the installation.  The program will use the license that is already available on your computer.  If your copy of OpTool is expired, or if you are installing it on a computer for the first time, please request a keycode and activate the software during installation.

Click here for Hydromantis software download

FAQ for Hydromantis OpTool Software Download, Installation and Licensing

Q&A From Hydromantis Webinars


 Question Answer   Date
What are the topics for the 2018 process test scenarios? We are in the process of selecting the topics and hope to have them posted before the end of March. 2/28/17
We are still curious as to when you might post the solutions to how to solve the math and scenarios for the 2017 National Competition. Can you please post them?    
Page 7 states under "General Details" The team must decide which two will take the written portion and which two will take the simulator test. The two groups will be kept separate until the entire Process Control event is finished........Is this correct, or can the team decide to have one member complete the simulator? The teams will not be split up for the Simulator event, all four team members can work on the paper test and Simulator at the same time.  The erroneous description has been removed in the updated rules.
Process Scenario Categories are:
Anaerobic Digestion
Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (CEPT)
To be determined
To be determined
Any idea of when they will be determined?
The third Process Scenario has been determined.  Teams will be able to discover the category when they preview the test.  There will not be a fourth category in the test.