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Event Videos 1/31/18
There are two videos on the KSB USA YouTube page (see link); the Detailed Process Video which is more of a step by step/one at a time rundown of the tasks/event and the Real Time Video which shows a team running the event from start to finish.  Keep in mind that the regulations/rules are different than what this video shows in some areas, and teams need to always refer to the latest edition of the regulations/rules on the team resource site.  The videos are for informational and training purposes for both participants and judges.  Note that the Fuse blocks that will be used for the event are shown in the detailed process video as  the Optional fuses.

Event Coordinator -

Steve Motley

Engineering Div Manager
City of Virginia Beach
Steve Motley photo
KSB HMI YouTube Video  2021

Updated video showing teams how to upgrade the panel for the 2021 event. - Updated link 4/27/21
HMI Update Tutorial
Video tutorial for HMI upgrade for KSB Operations Challenge Electrical Panel
2021 Maintenance Event Procedure - UPDATED  3/9/2021
2018 KSB Data Sheet - 2/2/2018
2018 Pump Event Setup Diagram - UPDATED 1/24/2018
Control Panel Photos - 1/24/2018

KSB Price List 2020 - 1/27/20

Reid Lifting Rapide Gantry System Ordering Process 1/8/18

Equipment Order Placement Process Guide  2/11/20 (Explains the equipment ordering process)


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The KSB HMI YouTube video is no longer available. Is the HMI upgrade still relevant to the event? Can we expect to have access to the video soon?
Yes the HMI upgrade is still relevant. The link to the HMI Upgrade video/tutorial has been updated and should be working. Link

Our touchscreen on our cabinet don’t have all options available? What needs to be done to fix this?For the 2021 Event you will need a panel upgrade to the HMI.  The updated order form with contact can be found on this sight along with the video instructions on  how to install the upgraded HMI once you receive it.
In what condition is the HMI left in (IE settings)
When you are finished entering the data the HMI should be left on the main screen (i.e. the same screen it was on when you started the event and before you starting entering information).
The panel is very slow in reacting to touch is this something that will be looked at. Also i can not find anywhere on the Pump Status page to put in the model number can you show where that is supposed to be?
The panel responds best to using a finger with no glove on or using a stylus.  A stylus will be provided for use during the competition and you are also permitted to removed your gloves while doing the programming provided you are in the taped off area designated.   You have to upgrade your HMI to be able to perform the new specified programming.
In what condition settings will the HMI start in?When you start the event and when you end the event the attached pic is the screen it should be on.

What is the difference between the original version of the HMI vs the new? It looks like the only thing that can't be done with the original is entering the pump data in step 6-b. Seems crazy to spend $585 plus S/H for one step - wouldn't it be better to leave that step out?

The new version of the HMI has new software and programming on it that the old version does not have.  It is left up to those that own the old version whether or not they wish to purchase the new version.  But at WEFTEC we will be performing the steps as outlined in the procedure and that does require the use of the new HMI.  We evaluate the events each year to ensure we can maintain a competitive balance as well as involve new skills for the ever evolving task of being an operator, as a result changes are made to the events to help achieve these goals.

The tool list states "GearWrench ½ in drive, 24 mm standard hand socket, 6 points (Model # 542270GR)" but that model number on their website says it is a 27mm. Can you verify the right size ... 24 or 27? ThanksThe correct size is the 24 mm the part number should be 80636D