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2023 Maintenance Event Procedure (Updated 3/27/23)Maintenance Event Tutorial
Tutorials should be used as an overall suggestion not 100% accurate

Vaughan FilesEquipment Information

Questions accepted up until 9/25/2023. Questions can be asked at the pre-competition meeting on Monday, October 2, in Chicago.

Can we use the same control panel from the previous event or do we have to purchase the new one?    The old panel is not applicable. The only similarity is the exterior voltage testing station.


Can the tub from the previous event be utilized this year?    The previous tank can be used for practice but will not be used during competition. Please note: Since the old tank is lower, practice as if simulating the height of the new tank.
Keep in mind:
  • The minimum required water level is 34.
  • This answer above is utilizing the NEW Gantry. The old Gantry will not work.
There are three table dimensions listed, two different tables on the Vaughan parts list, and one listed by itself. Which ones are for what?    

The specification measurements of the work table to be used is 72 L, 30 W and 34 H. If you purchased a table for the KSB event, that is the correct table (Uline, PN # H-3078). Welded Steel Workbench - 72 x 30" H-3078 - Uline


Updated 3/6/23

When will we get a parts list for new pump, gantry, etc.    

We have the parts list under the link: Vaughn Price List for 2023 Maintenance Event on this website.

Please note:       This price list was developed prior to the final event run through. There are a couple of more items that will be included. Very minor items such as gaskets, shaft key, etc.   Also, please note that the Reid Gantry contact number is on the form as well. All misc. part numbers will be forthcoming.

When will there be a tutorial video and event description?    The event description is done. Finalizing the tools/materials list along with PN’s. This will then be included in the description and finalized and posted in December. The tutorial is done and the videographer is editing for voice-over. It will be finished by 12/31/22.

do you know what table will be used at weftec? we would like to make sure we practice and compete with the same equipment.    The work table that will be used for the Vaughn Event is the same a the past maintenance event.
72x30, H-3078 Uline
Do we have a floor layout? Overall reactor area size for event layout?    It will be available by January 6th. In-progress.12/8/22
Do we have a floor layout? Overall reactor area size for event layout?It will be available by January 6th. See Documents listed above for Event Area Layout.1/4/23
Is the shipment of equipment, tank, and tables consolidated or do they ship separately?Vaughan equipment, including the control panel are shipped from the Vaughan factory.  The tank and tables are each shipped separately from vendor location.  If you ordered the entire set-up, you will receive 3 separate shipments.   1/5/23
Will the maintenance table have a rubber pad as did last year's?No, there will be no rubber mat on the worktable at this time.1/10/23
Are we keeping the red strap on the gantry for the event?Yes, the red straps must be used to move or relocate the gantry while in the folded position. 1/10/23
When do you expect the new video for the tutorial to come out?Should be complete by 1/27/23.1/10/23
Sorry let me rephrase my question. The gantry we received came with red straps on the legs that hold them together when pulled tight. The straps are attached with pins on the leg wheels and a nut and bolt to the top where the legs attached. Will these straps be utilized in the event?Will check it out when I receive our full Gantry system.  Stay Tuned.1/11/23
What do we need to supply power for the pump and control panel? Type of plug, etc.Control panels have dual power inlet capability. The panels are capable of three phase 230 and single phase 120, (both at 60Hz) but not simultaneously. This is accomplished by connecting the appropriate cord to the panel. We understand that some venues will not have the capacity to provide 230 volts, at these events the Vaughan pump will not run and only control panel functionality and manipulation can occur.1/17/23
There is a O-ring between the cutter and suction plate will this O-ring be replaced in the event or will we reuse it?The O-ring will be removed from the pump and not used for the event1/23/23
1. Can the electrician begin the no voltage electrical checks before all members are locked out?

2. All of our locks we received are red, in the rules it states we will be using color coded locks. Are we able to substitute with the locks we used on the previous maintenance event?

3. Can team members other than the electrician document information on the electrical check forms?
1.  Yes, but only he can perform the no voltage checks.

2.  All locks sent were red locks. If they were not already marked with colored tape, please mark them yourself. The KSB event locks are not applicable.

3.  Yes, but can’t sign for the Electrician.
Will a tool table layout be provided?No, the table layout is for judge inventory purposes only. You can place the materials/tools anywhere on the set-up table during 5-min set-up.  1/25/23
Item I.5. says electrician must finish filling out check sheet. Which parts must they complete?The Electrician is to ensure that the form is complete, if not, he will be required to finalize prior to Safety Supervisors sign off.1/25/23
Do the red straps (not the handles) that are included with the new gantry set up connecting the legs with the extension and makes a triangle when fully set up need to be used or are they going to be removed.The red straps will be used for safety purposes.2/2/23
Any word on the tutorial video publication.The tutorial has been published today.  Please see link on Team Resource Main Page.  2/10/23
When trying to use the alignment pins for the pump stand, the pins become stuck, and we have no tool provided in the event to remove them. At what point are we required to remove the alignment pins?Once the pump stand is aligned and you have a couple of bolts started, you can then remove the alignment pins prior to tightening bolts.


I've looked at the BOM for the control panel but I can't figure out which plug/receptacle are used to connect the motor to the control panel.

Also, I'll be helping to judge the event in New York in June. Are there any scoring or judging sheets available ?

Please see in the Event Description, page 15, #5 illustration. Vaughan supplied the appropriate connectors (un-wired) in the package. Vaughan supplied you with three connectors, you must install the correct connector (115v has 2 ports, 230v has three ports, males). The correct connector is based on the voltage feed from your facility (115 or 230V), you do not need to use both connectors for the motor cable.
Judges sheets: They are preliminary until after the South Carolina Regional. Will send out judges sheets to regional/state MA coordinators once they are finalized.
Can you use golf or baseball type leather gloves?Go to: Event Description, page 6, #2. Alternate gloves are acceptable but MUST be leather.2/27/23
When cranking the pump in and out of the tank do you need 2 people. So once locked out and the safety gives the ok to remove the pump from the tank can the one-person locked out start lifting the pump out of the tank, or do you have to have 2 people there?There is no rule to the amount of team members required to lift or lower the pump.  3/1/23
You can’t unlock until the pump is set. I read this as no one can unlock their locks until the pump is set in the tank. Is this correct?If any team member besides the Electrician removes their LOTO, they can’t touch the chain hoist/gantry (if attached to the lifting bale) , station or pump.3/1/23
There are three table dimensions listed, two different tables on the Vaughan parts list, and one listed by itself. Which ones are for what?    

The specification measurements of the work table to be used is 72 L, 30 W and 34 H. If you purchased a table for the KSB event, that is the correct table (Uline, PN # H-3078). Welded Steel Workbench - 72 x 30" H-3078 - Uline


Updated 3/6/23

Is there a detailed list of the tools that will be used for the event?

Also what is included in the fastener kit?

The tools needed are provided on page 21 & 22 in the event description.

The fastener Kit includes all of the bolts/washers/nuts needed to replace designated hardware.

1. The rules for the event state that we need to remove and replace the flange gasket for the nozzle. With our kit that we bought we were only given one flange gasket. Should we have been provided with an additional gasket or do we need to order that separately? The parts list only has 1 - 3" gasket shown.

2. How many of the zip-lock bags are going to be provided during the event? Will these bags be labeled with which size nuts and bolts go into each bag?

3. The drawing shows the box inside the tank to be a 16" X 16" X 16", will the box that is on the floor also be a 16" X 16"? Also when placing the pump inside the box, it is only the pump stand that needs to be inside the box correct? The nozzle can stick out over the taped off section?
  1. Please you own extra gasket for your practice. We plan on having spare 3 rubber flange gaskets available at the competitions.

  2. Three zip lock bags (see tutorial, no label) One for shaft key, one for fasteners (pump stand/suction ring) and one for discharge flange bolts/washers/nuts

  3. The pump set must not touch the lines inside the pump station. The pump set on the outside of the tank is 30 x 30. The nozzle can be extended over the three 16 boundary lines, this applies to the pump stand only

Regarding the procedure:

Page 14, 3c asks for Ground to P1 but Page 24 Resistance Check area calls for Ground to W2 for the Terminal 3 to Terminal 3 check. This should better match the checks on page 14.

This typo will be corrected during the next revision. Will match page 14, 3c3/21/23
Pump Rebuild: D

Must steps 15-17 be performed in indicated sequence to achieve proper torquing?
Yes, this is noted on the description revision3/24/23
When installing the alignment pins, the new fasteners are installed at 3:00 and 9:00 on the auction plate. Can any of the remaining 4 holes be used or should the alignment pins be installed on opposing holes to in order to properly align the suction plate and pump stand?

Just so both alignment pins are in any two holes, suitable alignment is considered achieved

Can the electrical panel be moved during setup or during the event?NO. There is now a safety area that must be directly adjacent to the control panel. The control panel location may alter a little depending on power source feed at different venues3/24/23
We also have issue with alignment pins. So the problem occurs after alignment pins are in and we hold the pump stand and start a couple bolts to hold stand in. The weight of the stand and now limited movement of stand ( since 2 bolts are started) make the pins tight, and the pins WILL NOT SPIN OUT BY HAND.
Our suggestion is add a tool to get them out or remove pins from procedure.
Suggest keeping the threaded bores well cleaned by using a tread tapping die and spray lube (not WD-40). If it continues to be an issue, we MAY decide to include channel locks. No issues at comps yet.3/27/23
Has the set-up time been reduced to 4 minutes? The header on page 6 says "5 minutes" but task #9 on page 6 says "4 minutes".Yes, the set-up time has been reduced to 4 minutes3/27/23
When lowering the pump on the cradle, will the orientation of the pump stand be towards the wet well or face away from the wet well?The pump stand end of the pump is towards the pump station. See tutorial.3/29/23
When on the cradle, does the pump stand have to face the pump station or can it face it the opposite direction?

Referencing the eyelet bolts where the ratchet strap hooks to: It seems a bit unstable and a possible safety concern. Has there been any consideration to relocating the eyelet bolts?

In speaking with other teams that have been practicing and during the South Carolina competition (10 teams), there have been no issues with the stability or weakened steel. The intent of the ratchet strap is to keep the pump/motor from tilting off the cradle. Just tighten the strap enough to avoid any slack. If this becomes an issue moving forward, we will address ASAP.  Consider adding a heavy, larger flat washer on both sides to increase strength if necessary.  This is the image of a table that has been practiced on for 2.5 months and in the competition, no visible signs of weakening.

Due to the change in Event Diagram (Worktable to Pump station) distance it has become a safety hazard when removing the pump stand when strapped to the table. This is due to item "D 1. Pump Rebuild", stating that two hands must be on pump stand to remove bolts. The removal of the pump stand requires more space between the Worktable and pump station to complete this task.
Thanks for your feedback! This was already communicated to the event coordinators to increase the area to 2.0 ft between the tank and work table. Our concern is making sure the power cords do not impair gantry movement.  See the updated layout above.