Intermediate and Advanced School

Rocky Mountain Water and Wastewater Intermediate and Advanced School


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April 15 - 19, 2019

The Intermediate and Advanced School offers courses that are designed to furnish established operators with information needed to better understand treatment processes and to perform their duties in an ever-changing environment. The courses offered at this school include:
These courses provide opportunities to prepare for the certification exams. However, the courses should not be used as the only study guide for the exams. The conference is NOT affiliated with the Colorado Operator Certification Program Office.  The school registration does not include the exam.
The Rocky Mountain Water and Wastewater Plant Operators School also offers fundamentals courses that are geared towards the basics of water and wastewater treatment for operators new to the field. The Fundamentals School is held annually.

Industrial Wastewater
This course is designed to train operators in the safe and effective operation of industrial wastewater treatment plants, with emphasis on physical-chemical processes. Special emphasis is given to facilities that neutralize acidic and basic water and that remove metals from wastewaters.

The following topics are covered:
 Neutralization/Metals Precipitation  Air Stripping Chemistry
 Carbon Adsorption/Ion Exchange  Clarification Sludge Processes UV Oxidation
 Math for the Process Operator  Wastewater Microbiology Trickling Filters
 Activated Sludge Processes  Industrial Pretreatment Program Advanced Nitrification/De-Nitrification
 Stream Standards  Filtration Pumps
 EPA Enforcement  System Safety Sampling/Preservation
Intermediate Wastewater
This basic course is geared toward the operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants. It includes practical approaches to problem solving, as well as awareness of moral, legal, and ethical responsibilities of an operator. The following topics are covered during this week-long course:
 Activated Sludge Processes – SBRs/MBRs/MBBRs      Aerobic/Anaerobic Sludge Digestion  Advanced Nitrification/Denitrification
 Wastewater Microbiology  Safety in Wastewater  Phosphorus Treatment
 Chlorination Equipment/Instrumentation  Math  Chlorination/Dechlorination
 Trickling Filters  Confined Spaces  O & M Lagoons
 Data Interpretation/Presentation  Ethics & Professionalism  Discharge Monitoring Reports
 Practical Pump Operation  Industrial Pretreatment Program  Clarification/Sedimentation
Intermediate Water
The intermediate water course is an operator training course designed for “C” and “B” operators. The following topics are covered during the week-long course:
 Operations and Maintenance  Math  Microbiology
 Disinfection and Chlorine Chemistry  Water Chemistry  Chlorination and Chlorine Safety
 Operator Certification – Regulation 100  Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention  Conventional Surface Water Treatment
 Plant Safety  Sampling and Testing  Hydraulics
 Principles of Sanitary Surveys  Pumps and Valves  Regulations
 Water Security and Emergency Response Planning    
Advanced Water
This course is designed to provide information on new topics facing the water field. The course is not geared toward the operator’s testing for certification. There is new information about certification and regulations. The course is geared for operators with multiple years’ experience in the field.
Topics include:
 Unit Process Optimization  Emerging Contaminants  Taste and Odor
 Regulations  Security/Vulnerability Assessment  Coagulation
 Plant Tours  Granular Media Filter Operation  Biological Filter Operation
 GAC Adsorption  Advanced Oxidation      Disinfection
 Sanitary Survey and Inspections  Reservoir Management/Microbiology  Residuals
 Management/Project Management    Advanced Treatment Technologies
This course is designed to train biosolids managers and operators in the compliance, processing, and land application of biosolids. There will be a Biosolids Land Appliers exam and review for a RMWEA/ABC, Inc Biosolids Certification on Friday.
Topics include:
 Basic Wastewater Overview  Land Application Methods & Equipment  Nutrient Management N-P and Metals
 Operator Certification  Web Soil Survey  Math
 Land Application Site Selection  Regulatory Compliance  Site Inspection Audit
 Public Information  Submitting Letters of Intent  Biosolids Sampling and Analysis
 Safety  Industrial Pretreatment  Stabilization and Digestion
 Plant Maintenance  Biosolids Jeopardy  Vector Attraction Reduction
Activated Sludge
The activated sludge process control course provides a basic understanding of the process and how to control it. Activated sludge process control is the most difficult activity in wastewater treatment. This course teaches you to monitor and control activated sludge microbial environments to improve effluent quality, and shows you how to save money, if at all possible.  You only have a few key controls available to effectively operate an activated sludge system, so learn how to use them effectively!  The course includes a field trip to a wastewater treatment plant where you become the troubleshooter and figure out how to improve operation and/or save money. Enrollment restricted to 35 people.
Topics include:
 Application of Process Control Data  Overview of Activated Sludge Process  Foam, Bulking, and Filament Control
 Activated Sludge Microbiology  Hand-Held Meters  Mass Balance and Wasting control
 Trend Charts  Oxygen Uptake & Respiration Rate  Process Awareness and Physical Observations
 Settleometer Test  Return Sludge Control  Representative Data Collection
 Nitrification/Denitrification  Process Pressures  Process Control Plan
 Field Trip for Evaluation  Evaluation of Plant  Elements of Process Control
Biological Phosphorus Removal Bantam Slough Presentation