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Innovative Wastewater
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Much is changing in so-called "Waste"water treatment across the U.S. New technologies are developed and introduced at a far greater pace than in the past, rapidly changing how we think about doing business as utility providers, consultants, regulators, or technology developers. This has been brought on not only by new regulations aiming to further protect surface water quality, but also by the growing awareness that treatment can be more sustainable from a financial, work force, and environmental perspective to meet the responsibilities of water service providers in the 21st century. The Innovative Wastewater Technologies Committee provides an open forum for anybody interested in discussing, evaluating, and testing new innovated technologies and other approaches to make facilities in the RMWEA more cost-effective and sustainable, while meeting ever tighter discharge regulations.

Committee Co-Chairs

Tanja Rauch-Williams
Carollo Engineers

Christopher Marks
City of Boulder Public Works
Cutting Edge Seminar Coordinator
Charles Leder 
Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority
Andrew Dugan 
RMWEA Board Liaison
Kevin Feeley 
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District

Committee Initiatives and Objectives

 - Foster the exchange of knowledge and experiences related to innovation within the Rocky Mountain Region
- Connect with relevant national and international groups involved in wastewater innovation
- Facilitate better communication between local and regional facilities when field-testing new technologies
- Initiate dialogue with regulators to create administrative procedures that welcome technological innovation
- Improve the collaboration of utilities, vendors, and consultants with local universities through student internships and collaborative research projects

Who Should Join?

Anybody interested in discussing, evaluating, and testing new innovated technologies and process control approaches in the wastewater industry, including:
- Utility Managers
- Wastewater Facility Operators and Superintendents
- Consultants
- Equipment Suppliers & Manufacturers
- Regulators
- Laboratory Professionals
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