The RMWEA Thomas Crapper Award


The Crapper

The Crapper award is to recognize an individual that may or may not be an RMWEA member but goes out of their way to be helpful and make RMWEA successful.  For this award, the nominee does not need to be a member of RMWEA.


2001Ms. Pat Butler2002Ms. Brenna Durkin
2003Ms. Debbie Patton2004Sandy Orren
2005Gail Higginson2006Linda Ramey
2007Sylvia Rottman, JoAnn Vold 2008Virginia Farmer
2009Becky Medlock2010Debbie Taylor
2011Page Parker2012Ann Dingeman
2013Dennis Stowe2014Greg Farmer
2015Stephanie Elliott2016Debby Patton
2017Marc Hughes2019TEAMS