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Sustainable Water Supply Planning and Treatment – A Case Study and Site Tour of

Castle Rock Water’s Plum Creek Water Purification Facility

Thursday, July 18th, 2019

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A need for a sustainable long-term water supply was identified in the Town of Castle Rock’s Water Resources Strategic Master Plan (WRSMP). One of the major goals of that plan is to establish a renewable, sustainable water supply that accounts for 75% of the annual demand for water in Castle Rock by the year 2020. Renewable water sources include East and West Plum Creek alluvial wells, and surface water using existing Town Water Rights, and imported surface water from outside of the Plum Creek Basin. Castle Rock Water (CRW) is currently constructing advanced treatment process upgrades for the existing Plum Creek Water Purification Facility (PCWPF) which is located at 1929 Liggett Road in the Town of Castle Rock, CO.  The PCWPF Advanced Treatment project consists of treating collected renewable surface water sources from East Plum Creek (EPC). The PCWPF Advanced Treatment project was designed to match the current facility water treatment capacity of 6 MGD, and be expandable to 12 MGD with a future expansion project.   In addition to advanced design and construction, the Town has done significant public outreach, permitting, pilot testing, facilities design and construction, and system start-up.  Mark Marlowe, Director of Castle Rock Water, will discuss the project’s evolution through construction, how the project fits with the Town’s sustainability goals about how managing salinity will be critical to the long-term sustainability of the treatment process, and will be concluded with a tour of the WPF. 
The luncheon will be held at 175 Kellogg Court, Castle Rock CO 80109. Please see the attached map for where people should enter the facility, where to park and where the building entrance is located. Follow the attached map for entering the facility. Gate C will be open for the expected arrival time.