Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers (SSSSS)

Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers members are selected by previous members in recognition of "Outstanding Meritorious Service above and beyond the Call of Duty" to the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association. 

The honor of being conferred with 5-S Society membership is recognized nationally and internationally by any and all persons connected with the Water Environment Federation (WEF), as well as by members of various other association and professional societies, trade associations, and virtually at all levels of government for “those in the know,” regarding what the Golden Shovel represents. It is important to note that one cannot “join” the 5-S Society, but that Members are “selected” on the basis of merit. Induction into the RMWEA 5-S Society bestows upon the nominee the accolade of being elevated to the highest ridge of the sludge bed, and receipt of the coveted Golden Shovel connotes a very special honor and recognition which is sought by many and achieved by few.


 Year  Recipients   
 1963  Jim Phillips, CO      
 1964  Howard Lewis, CO      
 1965  Alton Ragsdale, CO      
 1966  C.F. Robertson      
C.W. Chrisetenson, NM
1968 Bob Lowe, NM      
1969 Al Jones, CO Jack Sampson, CO    
John Puntenney, CO
Jim Warner, CO    
1971 Toni Rossi, Co      
1972 Dan Linstedt, CO Bill Warner, CO Art Vondrick  
1973 S.R. Jenkins, WY Jim Abbott, CO J. Floyd Byrd Joe Hanlon (Honorary)
1974 Howard Lacy, CO Bob McWhinnie, CO Bob Kocherha, CO  
Carl Houck, CO
Farrell McLean, NM    
Bill Kobitz, CO
Emmett Goss, NM
Bob Champlin, WY
Bob Canham
Jesse Lunsford, NM
Bill Martin, CO
Bob Streeter, WY
Martin Lang
William F. Turney, NM
Dwight Sayles, CO
Elmer E. Ross  
Hal Kepner, CO
Dave Sellards, CO    
1980 Daryl Gruenwald, CO Bob Hegg, CO    
1981 Bill Page, CO Tom Feeley, CO    
1982 Bob Swedberg, CO Kerwin Rakness, CO    
1983 Ed Archuleta, NM Dave Hubly, CO    
1984 Clark Tuck, CO Darryl Allenam, WY    
1985 Ron Schuyler, CO Don Felke, CO    
1986 Dick Kuchenrither, CO Pam Pepper, CO    
1987 Joe Tamburini, CO Larry Demers, CO    
1988 Howard Delaney, CO Bob Jelinek, CO    
1989 Bill Brinker, CO Tom Huston, CO Ron Mosher, NM  
1990 Jim Ris, CO Terry Anderson, CO    
1991 Bill Mixer, WY Dave Oerke, CO    
1992 Tom Gallier, CO Mark Van Nostrand, CO    
1993 Debra Campbell, CO Steve Polson, CO Dale Butler, CO  
1994 R. Wayne Ramey, CO Karen Speer, CO Jack Young, WY  
1995 Jose Velazquez, CO Roberta Rivers, CO    
1996 Ernie Oram, CO Norman Henderson, CO    
1997 Bob Alberts, CO Brian Janonis, CO Joe Chwirka, NM  
1998 Tom Moretto, CO Michael McCrary, CO    
1999 Tom Dingeman, CO Marion Hill, CO    
2000 Greg Farmer, CO Terry Franklin, CO    
2001 Steve Frank, CO Sherri Jones, CO Julie Samora, NM  
2002 Debbie Stenson, CO Tony Woodrum, CO    
2003 Dave DuBois, CO Mark Sampson, CO Paul Heppler, CO  
2004 Jenny Hartfelder, CO Kevin Tone, CO    
2005 Kevin Hill, CO Greg Woodward, CO Ray Kemp, CO  
2006 John Rehring, CO Jim Tallent, CO    
2007 Jamie Eichenberger, CO Jim Medlock, CO    
2008 Jeff Rabas, CO      
2009 Will Raatz, CO Jason Mumm, CO    
2010 Jeff Berlin, CO Nikki Crews, CO    
2011 Edyta Stec-Uddin, CO Brenna Durkin, CO    
2012 Jim Edwards, CO Dennis Schump, CO    
2013 Tye Jordan, CO Julie Smith, CO    
2014 Joe R. Tamburini, CO Blair Corning, CO    
2015  Stacey Walker, CO  Bill Peretti, CO    
2016    Ceila Rethamel, CO Steve Hettinger, CO Art Umble, CO  
2017 Pieter Van Ry, CO Steve Walker, CO Zach Collins, CO  
2018 Kristen Johansen Debbie Taylor