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The Emergency Preparedness/Security Committee performs several functions that are of benefit to our industry.  These functions include providing speakers at various operator seminars and organizing training opportunities that deal strictly with emergency preparedness, security, and safety topics.  In addition, the Committee distributes this Survey on an annual basis, compiles the data, distributes a summary of the statistics, and recognizes treatment plants with outstanding safety efforts and records.

Please note that it is not our intent to highlight organizations with less than perfect emergency preparedness/security/safety records.  The objective of this survey is to provide a data summary that we might all use to improve our programs.

If your data is in a format that will not allow you to answer some of the questions, please fill in what you can.  The committee will attempt to interpret and incorporate your data into the survey format. We would much rather get the data in your format rather than none at all.

We will tabulate the data beginning 3/31/17 and would greatly appreciate your response by 3/24/17.  Thank you for your participation!

If you have any questions, please contact Brenna Durkin at:

Phone: (303) 762-2615 or e-mail:

The 2016 annual safety survey may also be completed on-line at

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