RMWEA Officer Nominations



RMWEA Announces Nominations for your 2021-2022 Officers

Past President:  Stacey Walker
President:  Jamie Safulko
Vice President:  Hannah Fodor
Treasurer:  Deena Davidson
Secretary:  Randy Kenyon
WEF Senior Delegate:  Edyta Stec-Uddin
WEF Junior Delegate:  Bill Peretti
WEF Delegate Elect:  Joe R Tamburini
Term ending 2022:
Clay Rahn
Mark Valentine
Term ending 2023:
Stephanie Segler
Dan Freedman
Term ending 2024:
Kacie Allard – South Platte Renew
Tanner Kraft – Wastewater Treatment Superintendent, City of Westminster

Please join us at the annual RMWEA Business Dinner meeting to be held in-person on Wednesday, September 15 to vote and approve these nominations.  More information to come on how to registration and the location.