RMWEA Officer Nominations



RMWEA Announces Nominations for your 2020-2021 Officers

The RMWEA Nominations Committee is pleased to announce the Slate of Officers for RMWEA during 2020 - 2021. They include:
Past President:  Julie Smith
President:  Stacey Walker
Vice President: Jamie Langer
Treasurer:  Hannah Fodor
Secretary:  Deena Davidson
Trustee (2018 - 2021):  Leanne Miller
Trustee (2018 - 2021):  Mark Valentine
Trustee (2019 - 2022):  Randy Kenyon
Trustee (2019 - 2022):  Clay Rahn
Trustee (2020 - 2023):  Stephanie Segler
Trustee (2020 - 2023):  Dan Freedman
Senior WEF Delegate:  Jeff Berlin
Junior WEF Delegate:  Edyta Stec-Uddin
WEF Delegate Elect:  Bill Peretti

A vote to approve these nominations will take place during the annual RMWEA Business Luncheon meeting to be held virtually Tuesday, September 15.