Vail PWO Seminar

October 12, 2017

23rd Annual RMWEA/PWO Vail Operator Training Seminar

Evergreen Lodge- Vail
250 S. Frontage Road West
Vail CO 81657

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Seminar starts at 8:00 am

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Seminar Schedule

Energy from Water Resource Recovery Facilities 
José Velazquez, PE, Senior Project Manager, Tetra Tech

Today, Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs) are increasingly viewed as potential sources of energy, as well as important parts of the carbon and nutrient management system. This presentation will address energy usage at WRRFs and highlight recent approaches to minimizing energy consumption, while increasing production of recoverable energy sources including heat, renewable natural gas (RNG) and energy. Several case studies will be presented to demonstrate where successful projects have been implemented.
Addressing BNR Considerations for Activated Sludge Process Design
Bryan Coday, PhD, Project Engineer, Carollo Engineers

Biological nutrient removal using activated sludge is a prevalent practice. Understanding the criteria for BNR and ensuring those criteria are addressed in design allows the operators to succeed.
To achieve BNR successfully and repeatedly, operators focus on temperature, available carbon, available alkalinity, pH, adequate solids inventory and process flexibility, which can undergo dramatic seasonal swings. In Colorado, engineered systems must be in place that considers these criteria. Means to determine site specific constraints to these variables and engineering solutions for the operator will be discussed.
Polymers Used in Wastewater Treatment 
Mark Wells, Sales Agent, Solenis LLC

Mr. Wells will provide an overview of the types of polymers used in wastewater treatment, how to use them effectively, handling do’s and don’ts, the math involved in determining dosages and what you should expect from a supplier.
The Utility of the Future:How Good is Good Enough?
Art Umble, PhD, PE, Global Wastewater Practice Leader, Stantec

The thrust behind the “utility of the future” has much to do with converting waste streams to value streams.  But it also has to do with enhancing the performance of the technologies employed to meet tighter regulatory requirements.  Should plant managers and operators consider the delicate balance between the desires to perform well above regulatory standards in order to provide new opportunities for generating products from the wastewater streams to offset costs?  This presentation will address this interesting and challenging question.
Wastewater Innovation in the Rocky Mountain Region – Ain’t no mountain high enough! 
Tanja Rauch-Williams, PhD, PE, Principal Technologist / Wastewater Innovation Lead, Carollo Engineers

Utilities of all sizes are asked to do more with less and are in need to innovate their operations in order to save costs, improve performance, and reduce their environmental impact. Today more opportunities and tools are available to facilities than ever before to support innovation. RMWEA has become a regional leader over the past years in the US in wastewater innovation due to many individual utility efforts and collaborative networking activities.
The presentation will summarize opportunities and resources available to utilities in the Rocky Mountain Region for supporting innovation efforts towards specific technological, organizational, or financial goals. Examples from local utilities will be given to illustrate how these resources have helped utilities to solve specific challenges.
Intensification of Treatment Using a Ballasted Activated Sludge Process for Maximum Capacity and Nutrient Removal 
Jose Jimenez, PhD, PE, Director of Process Engineering and Wastewater Technologies, Brown and Caldwell

Beyond the urbanization demands for increased capacity, Water Resource and Recovery Facilities (WRRFs) are under increasing pressure to meet stringent effluent nutrient requirements, while aging infrastructure causes a wet weather burden from infiltration and inflow. Recently, these pressures have spurred significant innovation in the design and implementation of new wastewater treatment processes to intensify the treatment of WRRFs. One of these processes is a ballasted floc technology known as BioMag™. This presentation will summarize the full-scale implementation of the BioMag process at the St Mary’s County Marlay Taylor WRF which has been operational for almost one year.
Low Carbon/Energy Nutrient Removal Alternatives 
Jose Jimenez, PhD, PE, Director of Process Engineering and Wastewater Technologies, Brown and Caldwell

Nutrient removal systems have been successfully operated for decades. However, the wastewater industry is currently facing dramatic changes, shifting away from energy intensive wastewater treatment towards low-energy, sustainable technologies capable of achieving energy positive operation while recovering important resources. As a response to this dramatic change in the wastewater industry, researchers are working alongside with practitioners and operators to develop and implement innovative solutions to support the needs of our industry. Therefore, this presentation intends to provide an overall summary of technologies currently being adopted by Utilities to maximize treatment capacity and performance while reducing O&M and capital investments.

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