Student Design Competition Committee

Colleges and universities in the Rocky Mountain region who have formed Water Environment Federation (WEF)/American Water Works Association (AWWA) student chapters will be competing in the Annual Rocky Mountain Student Design Competition. This competition is intended for both undergraduate and graduate students

Competition is intended to promote “real world” design experience for students interested in pursuing a career and/or education in water and wastewater engineering and sciences. This competition tasks teams of student members to design and present a program meeting the requirements of a problem statement. Teams will be expected to come up with their own problem statements based on problems relating to wastewater design projects (e.g. hydraulic capacity design, upgrades to existing systems, etc.). The competition promotes interest and skills that will prove to be extremely valuable as the students enter the professional world. The competition consists of two parts, the written submittal and the presentation.

Competition is sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association (RMWEA)/Rocky Mountain Section of the American Water Works Association (RMSAWWA) Student Chapter Committee. The Rocky Mountain Region includes Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.

The winning team will be awarded with a funded trip for members to compete at the National Student Design Competition at WEFTEC®.

The competition has been a success, with student teams from universities in Rocky Mountain Region winning the National Competition in 2009, 2011 and 2012, and 3rd place in the National Competition in 2010, 2013 and 2014.

Competition is also sponsored by a participating facility/utility. The participating facility/utility provides the problem statement for the competition, facility tours, participates in the project plan, final design reviews, and judging.

If you are interested in sponsorship as a facility/utility or helping with the competition or have any questions or comments please contact:

Jojo La
Leonard Rice Engineers
Office: 303-455-9589



Jojo La
Leonard Rice Engineers
Office: 303-455-9589  Fax: 303-455-0115

The members of University of Wyoming team, pictured with Ed McCormick, consisted of (from left) Dustin Wheeler, T.J Gajda, Jonathan Herrboldt, Madison Graulty, Reena Rajthala (not pictured), Casey Craig (not pictured) and their faculty advisors Dr. Patricia Colberg, Dr. Michael Urynowi, and Dr. Bill Bellamy.