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This website is provided for Operations Challenge teams to get information directly from the WEFTEC Operations Challenge event coordinators. To navigate within the OCRC use just the links in the main, white background area. Using the links on the top of the pages will take you into the RMWEA website.

2018 WEFTEC Operations Challenge Teams,
Jim, Brenna, and I would like to thank you all for your participation in the WEFTEC 2018 Operations Challenge competition. The hard work and dedication you demonstrated to participate in this unique skills competition is a testament to you and your utilities dedication to professionalism and service.
As we close out this year’s competition and began preparations for our 2019 competition, we wanted to provide an electronic copy of the final scores.  
We would also like to thank Jim Borton for his leadership as Chair for the past two years and provide you all with the vision Brenna and I have moving forward.
Besides continuing  the tradition of being the premier showcase event at WEFTEC. Over the next year our goals are to have:  

  1. Increased and open communications with teams and MA’s.
    1. We will continue to utilize the excellent resource of RMWEA for distribution of rules and event updates.
    2. Our committee will be in contact with the MA’s Op’s Challenge leaders  to serve as a resource.
    3. Quarterly calls with our event coordinators.
    4. Encourage increased communication between coordinators and their judges.
  1. Increase the committee size and redistribution of duties
    1. We will need approximately three new committee members to assist with behind the scene assignments.
    2.  Create a program manual detailing requirements, timelines and duties to allow for a seamless transition in leadership positions.

Just as your team works hard to be the best, your committee leadership is committed to continuous improvement and will work hard to make our visions a reality.
Brenna and I are both proud to be servant leaders and will gladly assist in anyway practical.  If you know of someone that may be interested in joining our committee or have question or comments please email us at:
Vice Chair, Brenna Durkin – bdurkin@Englewoodco.gove or Chair, John Bennett – Bennettj@trinityra.org
I hope to see you all at WEFTEC 2019 in Chicago!
John Bennett
Operations Challenge Chair – 2019/2020



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