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The Joint Technical Activities Committee (JTAC) is a joint committee of the RMSAWWA and RMWEA. The primary goal of the JTAC is to promote the exchange of both water and wastewater related technical information among members of the two organizations. This goal is accomplished through the sponsorship of up to nine monthly activities throughout each year. Presentations are presently held at various venues as noted in the announcements, with tours taking place at the particular facility location.

The luncheon presentation program provides an opportunity for conversation over lunch prior to the presentation, followed by an hour-long presentation, including time for questions and answers after the formal presentation. Tours include a similar opportunity for interchange over lunch, with a shorter presentation generally preceding the actual tour. Attendees at the luncheon presentations and tour may obtain training units (TUs) for their attendance. The topics that are addressed include technical, regulatory, and financial issues regarding water and wastewater treatment, as well as presentations of interesting projects and alternative treatment processes. Tours include both water and wastewater treatment facilities, with past tours encompassing the Front Range area, from the Fort Collins/Greeley area south to Colorado Springs and into the foothills west of Denver.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018
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Steve Polson
720-286-9870 fax

Publications Coordinator

Holly Werth Link
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JTAC Luncheon

Luncheon topic and tour suggestions may be made by e-mail to jtac@CH2M.com

Past JTAC presentations are now available under the JTAC category on the Technical Papers page.

JTAC Committee 

Steve Polson (Committee Chair) CH2M   spolson@ch2m.com 720-286-5376
Holly Werth Link (Publications Co-Coord.) CH2M   holly.link@ch2m.com 720-286-0733 (o)
720-412-7120 (m)
Gina Rust MacPhee (Publications Co-Coord.) HDR Gina.MacPhee@hdrinc.com 303-318-6276
Chelsea Campbell Red Rocks Community College chelsea.campbell@rrcc.edu 303-914-6120 (o)
502-797-4858 (m)
Isaac Avila Metro District iavila@mwrd.dst.co.us 303-286-3287
Lisa Barbato Colorado Springs Utilities lbarbato@csu.org 719-668-8740
Neal Williams Dewberry ntwilliams@dewberry.com 303-951-0661
Vincent Hart Carollo Engineers vhart@carollo.com 303-635-1220
Terry Engelhardt Hach (retired) tlengelhardt@comcast.net 970-646-3085
Sean O'Connell B&C soconnell@brwncald.com 303-239-5459 (o)
303-590-4026 (m)
Shelley Trujillo Stantec shelley.trujillo@stantec.com 303-291-2128 (o)
303-547-0317 (m)
Scott Heibel Engineered Equipment Solutions sheibel@e-equipmentsolutions.com 303-301-4226
Andrew Rheem Raftelis Financial Consultants arheem@raftelis.com 303-305-1137

Photos from past JTAC luncheons:

Dan Higgins/Colorado Springs Utilities (left) and Bruce Spiller/CH2M HILL (right) presenting the Southern Delivery System

Link Mueller/Fort Collins Utilities leading a tour of the upgraded Mulberry Water Reclamation Facility on June 16, 2011

Steve Walker leading a tour of the CaRRB system at the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility on October 22, 2009