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 LIFT MA Toolbox -This toolbox outlines opportunities for WEF Member Associations (MAs) to connect with LIFT and to help expedite new technology adoption in their region. The toolbox pairs with MA leader training to help drive innovation in the water sector.  (http://www.werf.org/lift/LIFT_Resources/LIFT_MA_Toolbox/lift/docs/LIFT_MA_Affiliate/LIFT_MA_Toolbox.aspx?hkey=404da41a-356a-446b-a21f-4eb2cda29853)
 1st Annual Innovative Technologies Seminar Presentations 2015
Tools for LIFT Affiliates
  1. Technology Scan Presentations – Technology Scan Presentations take place online monthly starting in February until the middle of the fall. They feature 3-4 innovative technology presentations via webinar for one hour. The recordings of the Technology Scan Presentations can be found in LIFT Link and are available to all WE&RF subscribers and other users with LIFT Link access.
  2. FAST Water Network – The FAST (Facilities Accelerating Science and Technology) Water Network is currently a directory of over 70 global facilities where technologies can test/pilot their innovations. LIFT Affiliates can submit a test bed facility, or encourage a facility they know about to be featured on the FAST Water Network Directory.
  3. LIFT SEE IT – The LIFT Scholarship Exchange Experience for Innovation and Technology (LIFT SEE IT) program is an initiative spearheaded by WE&RF, WEF, and NACWA to provide scholarships for utilities to visit other utilities who have implemented innovations of interest. In winter 2017, 32 staff members from eleven utilities were awarded inaugural scholarships. Another round of scholarships will open in fall 2017. WEF MA members that work at utilities are eligible to apply. The application process is free.
  4. LIFT Link – LIFT Link is an online platform that serves as a highway of interaction among utilities, technology providers, consultants, academics, investors, federal agencies, NGOs, and others. Access to the LIFT Link platform is complementary for WE&RF subscribers. To check if your organization is a subscriber, you can refer to the WE&RF subscribers web page. Non-subscribers can also purchase access to LIFT Link for $100/year. If you have an innovative technology or know of one that would be good to feature in LIFT Link, we welcome applications at any time. There is no charge to apply.
  5. Water Technology Survey – The aim of the LIFT Water Technology Survey is to understand the innovative technologies of interest to the water sector and determine their current and future implementation status. To date LIFT has received over 100 responses. A visualization tool that allows users to analyze the data will be posted to the LIFT web pages. The visualization will have a public portion which provides a summary of all the data. It will also have a back-end portion, available only to WE&RF utility subscribers for purposes of peer-to-peer networking, which provides more detailed survey responses— names of the utilities, types of technologies they have installed or are planning to install, as well as the contact information of utility representatives.
  6. LIFT Utility Working Group and Focus Areas –The LIFT Working Group is a peer to peer utility innovation network that includes over 400 facility owner representatives.  The Working Group clusters technologies and processes into priority areas of end user interest called Focus Areas.  Focus Areas allow for engaged discussion among facility owners to share information, expertise, and experiences on priority technologies, as well as to collaborate on new technology implementation. Focus Areas have about 40-80 members each, and typically meet quarterly online (or in person).  The Utility Working Group and Focus Groups are open to WE&RF subscribing utilities only.

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