Industrial Wastewater Committee

Committee Goals - Industrial manufacturing facilities have treatment needs and regulatory requirements that differ in some important ways from publicly owned treatment works (POTWs). These facilities are very focused on sustainable design, and determined to make business decisions based on environmental issues, societal impact, and economics. The pretreatment coordinators for the POTWs are also dedicated to protecting their facility from harmful contaminants and being compliant with State and Federal Regulations. The Committee is tasked with bringing together professionals associated with industrial wastewater in both the public and private sectors, including consultants and regulators, and addressing issues to improve communications and best practices resulting in improved performance and regulatory compliance.


Randy Kenyon

2019 PWO Seminar Presentations
Removal of Arsenic From Mine Wastewater Using Proprietary Absorptive Media, Lee Josselyn, Linkan Engineering

Industrial Dewatering, Dave Lewis, BioVelocity, LLC

Industrial User Inspections, Jennifer Ferrando, PG Environmental

Cannabis: Up in Smoke or Down the Drain, Sirese Jacobson, PG Environmental

High Rate Compressible Media Filtration for Regulatory Discharge Compliance, Tony Galvan, Schreiber Water

The Pretreatment Regulations or How to Protect your POTW from Toxic impacts of Industrial Wastewater, Al Garcia, US Environmental Protection Agency

ACME System for Metal Removal, Dave Stewart, Stewart Environmental

Solids and Sludge Handling in Industrial Wastewater Treatment – Some Lessons Learned, Will McHale, iME Solutions

People who should join:

  • Pretreatment coordinators
  • Industrial Treatment/Pretreatment Operators
  • Consultants
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Regulators
  • Laboratory Professionals