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Tim Wellman, C.W.P.
Water Engineers for the Americas and Africa

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association Online Training site.  RMWEA, in partnership with 360water Inc., offers State approved courses to Wastewater and Water Operators in the States of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

List of approved courses

How it Works
Courses are typically approved for 1 hour of contact time.  Course fees are $25/hour.  Our partnership with 360water allows us to offer you this discounted price.

New Users - To request a user name and password, email bdurkin@englewoodco.gov with your name (as you would like it to appear on your certificate), your email address, and your phone number. You will be sent your user name and password.
Registered Users - Simply login using your existing login information.

Utility Discount - RMWEA offers a discount rate to Utilities when 50 or more training units are purchased.  The training units can be used by anyone on your staff.

How to Pay
You may elect to take an online training course first and pay later, or you may pay first and then take the course.  You may pay for one course at a time or you can prepay for any number of courses and then take the courses at your leisure.

Training classes are selected at this site. Login and select a course. After you complete each course you will be directed to print a certificate of completion. This certificate is NOT a valid Training Unit or Continuing Education Unit Certificate. Think of it as your receipt. To receive a valid certificate you must first make payment here at the RMWEA secure payment center.  Every couple of days the RMWEA Online Training Administrator will check to see who has completed courses and made payment. At that point you will receive your Training Unit certificate by email.

Courses stored on the 360Water platform may not display properly when using the latest Firefox, Chrome or Edge browsers. The courses will still function, but their appearance may not be displayed correctly. 360Water is aware of this issue and is expected to have a resolution by May 2019. The best way to view courses is by using Internet Explorer version 10 or earlier.


There is a workaround for Microsoft Edge users. Use Edge to go to rmwea.360water.com. Then click the three-speck icon “…” in the upper right. Select “Open with Internet Explorer” and a new window will open using Internet Explorer rather than Edge.  Thank you for your patience as a resolution to this issue is being created.

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