Communications Committee



The primary goal of the Communications Committee is to help RMWEA communicate effectively to our members, the public and other outside entities. All communication aspects of RMWEA are united into one functional group to manage and streamline the dissemination of information and activities. This structure allows the organization to share material among RMWEA members while maintaining consistent messaging and brand standards. 

Communication Committee Project Page Access
Kacie Allard
South Platte Water Renewal Partners
Clay Rahn
Committee Responsibilities
Electronic Newsletter
The Communications Committee manages the weekly electronic newsletters. The electronic newsletters are sent out on Tuesdays and contain news, training announcements, and other highlights. To include your event in the Tuesday weekly email, please use the Electronic Weekly Newsletter Submission Form below. Note that at least ONE WEEK’s notice is required. If you have questions or suggestions please contact the Communications Committee Chair.
In the event an urgent announcement is required, a stand-alone electronic announcement can go out any day of the week. However, this is intended for things such as event cancelations; last minute change of event date, time, or location; large events like the Annual Conference; and other special circumstances. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to the Electronic Newsletter Editors.
If you are a third-party and would like to advertise an event in the RMWEA weekly newsletter, please complete the Shared Communication Form below. We typically require at least two weeks from submittal of form to publishing the announcement. All requests must be approved and processed by the President of RMWEA prior to inclusion in the newsletter.
Electronic Newsletter Editors
Kerry Major

Electronic Newsletter Reviewers

Natalie Cook
RMWEA Website Management
This facet of the Communications Committee oversees the functionality of the RMWEA website, implements registration for RMWEA events, builds committee project pages, evaluates and manages website performance, and maintains and updates website content and design. If you are an RMWEA Committee Chair and would like to create an event for registration or would like to add your event to the RMWEA calendar, please fill out the forms below. If you would like to update the content on your committee page or have additional questions about the website, please contact the Website Manager.
Online Seminar Registration Request Form
Submit an Event to the RMWEA Calendar
Website Managers
Greg Farmer
Brenna Durkin
Website Content Reviewer
Adrienne Angelos
Social Media Coordination
The Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining RMWEA’s presence on social media, advertising RMWEA events and encouraging member engagement. RMWEA is currently in the process of developing a Social Media Policy and Social Media Strategy. For more information, please reach out to the Social Media Coordinator.
Social Media Coordinator
Hannah Carpenter