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Mission Statement:  To provide education, leadership, and promote beneficial uses of biosolids
The Biosolids committee hosts an annual seminar. Click here for more information


James E. Johnson
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
303-286-3117    (desk)
303-910-5652    (cell)

Dug Graham
Littleton/Englewood WWTP

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Arlisa Michael - Secretary
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District

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REMINDER – Please complete the BIOSOLIDS survey, please! 

And get others to do so too. Spread the word!  
Thank you.

The U. S. National Biosolids Data survey! 
The 1st survey reported 2004 data and is outdated (see report at bottom of webpage above).  
All results of this 2nd survey will be shared free with you and the whole wastewater and biosolids management profession nationwide. Every U. S. WRRF/WWTP, of any size, should complete it.
Do the survey today:
You can start, and, if you run out of time, you can come back to it using the same computer.   
You will need your 2018 annual biosolids/sludge report & data.
Has anyone else at your WWTP filled in this survey? Or might they?  Please check, to avoid duplicates. Click the green button on this 
Survey Support page:
Want help? Join our online meet-ups.  See meet-up times below. We’ll share screen and talk through the questions, helping you fill in your survey on the spot. All you need is a browser.
$75 gift card RAFFLE:  As an extra “Thank you!", we'll enter you in a 1-in-50-chance raffle for a $75 gift card to a local coffee shop or eatery of your choice. Treat yourself & staff! Support your local favorite business! Your odds are good: 1 in every 50 survey respondents will win!  You'll have the choice to enter the raffle or not, during the survey.
Please forward this email to wastewater groups and to other WRRFs/WWTPs to encourage all U. S. WRRFs/WWTPs to fill out the survey.
Any questions, contact me.
Thank you!
Ned Beecher, NEBRA, 603-323-7654,  
for the National Biosolids Data Project team – CASA, MABA, NW Biosolids, NEBRA, BioCycle, & project Advisors & supporters
P. S. This is THE ONE AND ONLY National Biosolids Data Project supporting the clean water & biosolids profession, freely providing data for all to use.  Your help is really important.  
Please do the survey as soon as you can.   
SURVEY Meet-ups!  
No RSVP required.  Tune in to ask questions & get your survey done!
   Tuesdays, 12 Noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific, February 9 – March 16
   Wednesdays, 2 pm Eastern / 11 am Pacific, February 10 – March 17
Tuning in for Survey Meet-ups:
1.     Optional: Preview the survey by downloading the PDF from this Survey Support page:
2.     Have ready your 2018 annual biosolids report to EPA and/or your state – your 2018 data.  
3.     Open one browser window & click to: to follow along. You can use computer audio.  Or dial in by phone (Conference ID: 236-940-048 #; Boston, MA  +1.857.444.6500; Camden, DE +1.302.202.5900; New York, NY +1.646.307.1990; Tampa, FL +1.813.769.0500; Washington, DC  +1.202.602.1295).
4.     Open a 2nd browser window & start your survey by clicking the link below. Fill in your answers as we go. You don’t have to get every part perfect during our meeting. You will be able to come back and add and edit later, using the same computer. 
“With all the stressors on solids management, increasing costs and regulations, it is more important than ever to have good data to use to support smart biosolids management policies and possible regional management solutions.” 
                                                            – J. Burke-Wells, Executive Director, NEBRA




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