WEF William D. Hatfield Award

William D. HatfieldThe William D. Hatfield Award is presented to operators of wastewater treatment plants for outstanding performance and professionalism. The award was established in honor of Dr. William D. Hatfield, Superintendent of the Decatur, Illinois Sanitary District, who was President of the Central States Sewage Works Association in 1944-45 and served as President of the Federation in 1958-59.

The award consists of a plaque suitably inscribed with the recipient's name and is presented by a Federation representative at the Member Association annual meeting.



Member Associations control the selection process following the Federation general criteria indicated below: 

RMWEA William D. Hatfield Award Recipients

 1962    Farrell McLean  1965    Larry Faulkner  1968    Ray Duggan
 1971    Robert D. Hall  1973    Bobby A. Kocerha  1974    Leonard H. Stroud
 1975    Ralph Sterry  1976    Raymond Lucero  1977    James C. Jamsay
 1978    Estell "Hap" Mayberry  1979    Max M. Grimes  1980    Perry B. Libby
 1981    Bud Wilson  1984    Edmund G. Archuleta  1985    Thomas Huston
 1987    Michael J. Beck  1988    Donald R. Felke  1989    Buck Wenger
1990    Michael L. McCrary 1991    Terry W. Anderson 1992    Jimmy Brewer
1993    Ernie Oram 1994    R. Wayne Ramey 1995    Dale Butler
1996    Norman Henderson 1997    Wes Bressler 1998    Jack Young
1999    Tom Dingeman 2000    Bill Mixer 2001    Greg Farmer
2002    Tony Woodrum 2003    Timothy G. Grotheer 2004    Bob Alberts
2005    Steve Walker 2006    Paul Heppler 2007    Jeff Rabas 
2008    Kevin Hill 2009    Jim Medlock 2010    Leonard Robb
2011    Craig Barnes 2012    Earl Picard 2013   Edyta Stec-Uddin
2014    Jim Kaufman