WEF Laboratory Analyst Award

This award was established by the Board of Directors in 1993 to recognize individuals for outstanding performance, professionalism and contributions to the water quality analysis profession. The award consists of a plaque suitably inscribed with the recipient's name and is presented by a Federation representative at the Member Association annual meeting.


The RMWEA Laboratory Analyst Award Recipients

1998  Molly L. Castleberry, Denver, CO 1999  Mike Schoenberg, Greeley, CO
2000  Cindy Wright-Jones, Ft.Collins, CO 2001  RusselChurch
2002  Stacey Walker Littleton/Englewood WWTP 2003  Deborah Taylor UTSD, Estes Park, CO
2004   LesaJulian, City and County of Broomfield 2005  Joan Day, Littleton / Englewood WWTP
2006  Linda Puga 2007  Leah O’Connor, Aurora Water
2008  KathryneMarko, City of Longmont 2009  Jason Graham, City of Fort Collins
2010  Patty McClellan - Colorado Analytical Labs 2011  Blair Corning, SACWSD
2012  Kevin Feeley, Metro WWRD 2013  Stacey Walker, Littleton/Englewood WWTP