Collection Systems Committee (CSC)

Collection Systems are a critical part of wastewater infrastructure. The quality of drinking water, groundwater, watersheds, public health, and the environment depends on a well designed, constructed, and maintained Collection System. The RMWEA CSC will serve to promote the importance of Collection Systems throughout the Rocky Mountain Region by providing education, training, and resources to Collection System personnel.

Feb 7 - 8, 2017



Zachary B. Collins

Woodmoor Water & Sanitation District

719-488-2525 x13

Contact Zach if you want to be added to the e-mail list for this committee and/or participate in the monthly conference calls.

Collection System Award Chair

Jimmy Stewart

Brenford Environmental Systems


Collections Track at JAC Chair

Bryon Wood

HDR Engineering, Inc.


Publications Chair

Kelly M. Loyd

Black & Veatch Corporation


Committee Responsibilities

Develop and promote cost-effective practices and policies in design, management, procurement, construction, inspection, operations, maintenance, and rehabilitation of Collection Systems. Conduct live in person training sessions, live webinars, or classroom seminars. Some or all of these presentations will be made available as a recorded webinar.

Educate the general public and policy makers on Collection System issues supported by scientifically sound and environmentally-friendly advice that can result in technically feasible solutions.

Promote collection systems by publishing two Rumbles articles and two E-Rumbles articles. Advertise events using E-Blast and Social Media.

Support and collaborate with other committees on cross-informational topics.

Assist the Joint Annual Conference (JAC) Committee with the procurement, and selection of collection systems topics for the JAC.

Assist the RMWEA Awards Committee with the procurement of nominations, and selection of award recipient, for the annual Collection Systems Award presented at the JAC.

Topics Covered by the CSC


Emergency Management, Financial Management, Fats Oil and Grease Prevention Program, Illegal Connections, Service Rates, Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program, Floodplain, Regulatory

Planning and Design

Hydraulic Modeling, Flow Velocities, Pipes and Manholes, Capacities, Value Engineering, Lift Stations, Life Cycle Analysis, Cross Connection Control, Underdrains, Sewer System Evaluation Surveys

Construction and Inspection

Open Trench and Excavation Safety, Confined Space Entry, Utilities Testing, Construction Methods

Operation and Maintenance

TV Inspection, Cleaning, Mapping and Locates, Security of Facilities, Lift Stations, Measuring and Monitoring, Blockages, Silt Accumulation, SSOs, Training, Certification, Credential Maintenance, Odor Control, Non-Dispersible Products

Replacement and Rehabilitation

Identifying and Prioritizing Capital Projects, Manhole and Pipe Rehabilitation, Trenchless Technologies, Condition Assessment Methods, Asset Management

CSC Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gather essential information from Operators, Engineers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Consultants, and Contractors about the needs and desires of Collection Systems training, licensing, design, operations, management, and construction.

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